We find the bigger story.
With expertise in strategy, communication and design, we find the bigger story that makes brands stand out, get noticed and desired.
who we are

Save Our Souls came to life in a hotel room in Stockholm in 2021. Clara, Jesper and Olle had decided to start an agency based on the belief that the best ideas emerge when the sharpest creatives, strategists and identity designers work as closely together as possible. Preferably around the same table. Today we have outgrown our hotel room, but our belief is stronger than ever. And we have built a long, yellow table.  

Creative strategy and strategic creativity‍

Our creatives are always involved in the strategic process, and our strategists are welcome to join the creative process. The result? A strategy that creatives actually can work with, and ideas that unmistakably align with the strategy.

We make stuff

Besides of being an agency, we create projects that aim to make the world a slightly more fun and interesting place. Until today, Save Our Souls has developed a fashion collection that free people from sin, designed an office table inspired by old coffins and opened up the doors to an animal shelter for soft toys.

Prepare to (really) get to know us

We see our teams as extended families to our clients, and like to solve each task through close collaboration for the best result imaginable. That said, hope you’re interested in discussing everything from creative concepts to Stockholm’s best bibimbap.

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